Amir, you will be missed

I have yet to see it mentioned, but Amir was a member of the Zeta Delta Xi fraternity while at Brown. If I am the first Zete to post here, I’m certain I won’t be the last.
My name is Ian Dembsky; Brown U. class of ’99. I met Amir through computer science my sophmore year at school. We worked together on various projects in CS32. When I first met him, it was an easy decision to choose to work with him- He was a very friendly guy, very social, and very funny. We became fast friends. One night, after working late at the CIT, he invited me back to Zete, where he currently resided. We played pool for awhile, and he introduced me to the other brothers of the house. I enjoyed myself so much that I joined next year, and I believe my fraternity experience has been among the best things to happen to me in my life. In fact, I met my wife at the house. Among other things, I’m always thankful to Amir for bringing me to Zete that night.
As time went on, however, it was clear that while Amir lived in Zete, his heart was not truly into it, and he moved on to other parts of the campus. We would still get together for pool now and then, and share a good laugh and a beer. We kind of fell out of touch as our time at Brown went on, but I’ll never forget the impact he had on my life, or our friendship.
My thoughts go out to those close to him. Amir, I miss you buddy.