“I don’t remember being anything but classy and sophisticated…”

This is an email Amir sent me soon after I moved back to Israel. I read it now and could feel Amir from it.

-Shelly (a former colleague)

October 19, 2001 12:27 PM

Hi shelly,
I hope things are good with you back in Israel. I miss you a lot here becuase there is nobody for me to talk with when I get bored. Also if I cannot work because my mind is off then there is nobody to tell about it becuase if I say it in english everyone will know I am not working, which sucks… Also I have done a lot of stupid embarassing things recently that you would have found funny but other people just think are stupid. Sorry if I acted like an idiot at your go-away party. I don’t remember being anything but classy and sophisticated but other people remember differently…