Marcela Muniz, SUSE doctoral student

It should be no surprise to those who knew Amir longer than I did that he quickly made an impression upon his arrival at Stanford. I met Amir in September as a fellow 1st year doctoral student in the School of Education, and although I only knew him for six months, I can only think of him endearingly. He was so eager to learn about the new people around him at Stanford and truly reached out to the members of our education school community. I had many wonderful conversations with him on things intellectual and not-so-intellectual, and whether we were sharing food at the campus international food festival or sparring off at our weekly trivia night, Amir was always so much fun to spend time with. Above all, Amir was a caring, giving soul…. a wonderful human being that I will miss dearly.

–Marcela Muniz, SUSE doctoral student