Amir & Jewish Learning

From: Abby
I want to share with everyone that last summer, in 2003, Amir registered for Hadar’s havruta (Torah study partner) matching program. (Hadar is a traditional egalitarian prayer and study group on the upper west side of Manhattan.) Just last week, in reviewing some of Hadar’s records on past programs, I came across Amir’s name and his request to “investigate the passages in the torah that give me the most trouble (e.g. slavery, sexism, etc.) in accepting it as a divine or even divinely inspired document.” I actually didn’t know Amir, but I have heard so much about him over the past few weeks – about his kindness, intellectual capabilities, love of life and pursuit of truth. I feel lucky to have found Amir’s entry and to have been moved and inspired by his pursuit of truth and his desire to not give up on Judaism but to study and struggle with some of the most difficult issues within the religion.