Your American Child

It was so many years ago it seems that Sara and Yossi welcomed me and my family to Englewood. We had a wonderful Shabbat dinner at their home one frigid Friday night. It was in their teeny tiny dinning room. It was at that time that I got to meet all the Lopatin children.

Shosh quiet, intelligent and beautiful, Uri, the Judo enthusiast and Amir. There was just something about Amir that I could not explain… a defiance of spirit done with charm, the challenge or pronouncement delivered with a half smile and twinkle in his eye.

It was another time that I drove Sara and Amir home from the JCC and after listening to Amir explain to Sara why he needed to do what he wanted to do, making an eloquent argument for his position that I turned to Sara and said, “Sara, this is your American Child.”