Always Hearing About Amir

I didn’t know Amir. In fact I never even met him.

My cousin, David Virenius, was Amir’s roommate in New York. Though I never knew Amir personally, I learned an awful lot about him just by the way my cousin spoke about him.

I heard so much about how kind and smart and motivated this “Amir” was. It was obvious that my cousin had a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for this person.

When David told me that Amir had died in a car accident, I couldn’t help but be moved by the loss of someone who was so loved and admired by so many people.

I just wanted to have the chance to say how incredible I think he must have been to be able to affect me, someone he had never even met.

I wish that I had had the chance to meet him.

My condolences to all who knew him on your immeasurable loss,

Ryan Paulson