hello from your sis

Hello Amiri – I miss you so much. You missed my wedding! I got married on Jan. 6, 2008 to David W. I know you were worried about me never getting married – and you would have really liked David – he is super smart and earnest like you. It was your birthday this week – boy do I miss you – I cant believe you would have been 32 You would probably be finishing your phd and launching some amazing software to revolutionize education. Amir I wake up everyday hoping its not true. You visit in my dreams and you are still the same earnest kid with messed up hair and hands up to his face when he laughs. I get so excited during those dreams that I can spend time with you. I miss you everyday. I am very resistant to moving on in my life without you in it. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Your sis Shoshi