New Years Thoughts

I was among the cohort of thirty-some students that arrived at Stanford in the Fall of 2003. So much of that time seems very far away with occasional and random memories. What I did gather, was that there was a passion (maybe even a tortured fascination!)that brought our random bunch together — making our world better, treating kids better, figuring out the mechanics of learning, and, hopefully in the process, figuring ourselves out too. Six years later (agh), as I approach my degree completion and try to figure out where I will land next, I turn to my peers, colleagues and friends for advice and inspiration. And I remember that there are empty pockets of our original cohort. Some have left voluntarily. Some have not.
Admittedly, I was not a close friend of Amir, and my memories of him are brief images of smiles, intense listening, and an warmly open social energy that I aspire to have. His loss, for family, friends and colleagues, is truly unfathomable and as time passes, it seems more unfair. The Amir Lopatin Fellowship, however, gives me the chance to remember and renew my promises and passions — the ones that I know that Amir and I shared. Maybe we were just friendly acquaintances for our brief time together, but his commitment to learning and life continues to find me in times and ways that I am thankful for.