One Year

It is hard to believe that you left us one year ago today. This date, March 25, however, does not hold much significance with me. This is not only because we hold the Jewish date of your yahrzeit, or because I didn’t find out what happened to you until the next day, March 26, 2004. It is because I think about you every day, and you continue to have an impact on my daily life. You continue to help me through tough situations, because I can imagine what you would say to make them seem better. I think a lot of your friends and family do the same! I am posting this to your website, where those who loved you and admired you continue to share thoughts and stories about you, all of them describing your unique views on life and your sincere interest in other people. I can only hope that you are in a place of ultimate fields free of soccer players, endless tree-lined bike paths, and peace.