NYCPUL Remembers Amir from Rocky

It is a terrible loss for the Ultimate community. No one had done more in recent years to raise the level of play and visibility of Ultimate in Manhattan than Amir. His enthusiasm and passion for the game was virtually unrivaled both on and off the field. Though he was an occasional thorn in my side, and may have had an even lower opinion of me, he certainly was a rose in the field of Ultimate personalities. I am certain this next Saturday’s game will begin with an unreturned pull and a moment of silence. And the initial disc should remain where it landed for the first point of the first game. The anguish that his family and those that were close to him must feel is unfathomable. Perhaps, in time, they might find some small comfort knowing how this will be shared by some of those that did know him. So I echo Josh’s call for a tribute from those that wish to write something in his honor.