Amir Lopatin Principles for Living

Hello. I am Rebecca Witonsky, one of Amir’s friends from Brown. I would like to share my version of the Amir Lopatin Principles for Living:

1. Live and laugh each day.
2. Challenge your mind and intellect to the fullest extent.
3. Find a profession that meets the needs of your mind and soul. Work hard.
4. Study computers, especially if you’re a girl.
5. Don’t conform to authority, especially Orthodox Judaism. Think for yourself.
6. Support Medinat Yisrael and world Jewry. Be a mensch.
7. Care for the poor. Do community service. Change the world.
8. Protect the environment. Recycle.
9. Reach out to the suffering souls around you and offer them friendship and emotional support.
10. Play hard and have fun.