The Wedding Cake “Whodunit”

Amir, along with the rest of the Lopatin family, were an important part of my wedding in May of 1982.

Amir was the youngest guest and appeared to be in some discomfort at having to dress-up. But, there he was in a simple light blue suit, having trouble keeping his pants from slipping off of his waist and staring at all the people and glitter through very large, rimmed glasses.

After the wedding ceremony, I happened to walk into a room in back of the reception area and saw Amir standing about four feet from the wedding cake. No one else was in the room.

When I glanced at the cake, there were two neat holes in the bottom layer. Amir was looking intensely down at his shoes. I asked if he had seen who poked their fingers into the cake, adding that I suspected that this is something his father might do since he could never wait for desert to be served.

Amir immediately ran over to me, slid the appropriate two fingers into the holes and said “See .. everyone else has larger fingers than mine .. my Dad too! Will I have to go home now?”

I assured him that all was okay as he helped me adjust some of the adjacent icing to cover the damage.

Amir’s mind, even at that early age, was quick, not only to protect his father’s reputation, but to empirically prove that I was wrong in my assumptions.

Peter Abrams