Thinking of Amir

So many memories of Amir that I will never forget… the Beatles mix tapes we used to trade, the various debates that we would invariably get into. The summer of ’89 we spent together on the JCC teen adventure tour…we went biking in Vermont (Amir let me borrow his mountain climbing sunglasses) and we got to spend a week in Orlando. In 8th grade we made a video with Mike Jesser for Rabbi Knefski’s Chumash class in Moriah that I still have. The Ramaz soccer team came to play us at Frisch, and to my surprise Amir was the goalie. Was there anything that he couldn’t master? Amir was one of the sharpest and brightest kids I ever met. I will surely miss him but I will never forget the moments we had together. –Pejman Delshad