I miss you Amir

I remember your laughing eyes, your wide smile, and your constant jokes. You were a kind, gentle yeshiva bochur who knew how to light up my day with a laugh or a joke. Just your presence and your sense of humor calmed me down. I used to eat with you at the Ratty at Brown for two years, and I always enjoyed being with you and sharing your friendship. You used to live in the Sun Lab for hours or days in CS-15 and then come out to tell jokes to me at the Ratty. You told ME to be a programmer. I can still picture you with your blue eyes, black kippa, black hair, jeans, and sandels.

I still can’t believe that you are dead. Your special neshama lives on and continues to inspire me in coping with your death and moving on with my life.

You had so much to contribute to the world, from teaching inner city kids how to sail and live, to master recycling, to religious Zionism, and so many other acts of kindness. It’s a terrible tragedy that you didn’t have the chance to pursue your dreams of being a professor of computers and education and make the world a better place.