my first friend at Brown

My condolences go to Uri, Shoshana, and Mrs. Lopatin on your recent losses. He spoke very highly of you all, and thought about you often.

I met Amir my first day of freshman orientation at Brown and we immediately became friends. I confided in Amir only things he and my [now] husband know; I knew my secrets were safe with him. He had such quirky commentaries on life. I loved how brutally honest he was about everything. And I admired how he never took anything in life for granted.

Since I am floundering for words, I will keep it short. Amir was so good telling stories and I can picture him now joking “What crappy stories you are telling… A writer you are not.” It is hard to believe we even had a conversation about this at one point (I wish I could remember the little details better so I could comply with his thoughts regarding the topic).

Amir and I have been in and out of touch over the years. Since the last we talked about was looking forward to when he was coming to Washington DC and would be able to make some time to visit, I say so long, not goodbye.

So long Amir,