Jen Burney remembers Amir

Jen Burney shared the following at Chabad at Stanford’s memorial service for Amir, March 29, 2004.

I met Amir when he said in typical fashion –”Ah your Jen – you play ultimate Frisbee – I didn’t know other Jews played Ultimate.” So thus began our friendship.

One of the most genuine and sincere people I’ve ever known…He stood out.
And he had the most serious puppy dog eyes of anyone I’ve ever seen.
He genuinely believed he could change the world – without being patronizing at all…forever young but very very pragmatic; the third way he stood out to me was through being a fantastic educator. Amir – I still owe you a trip to San Francisco for a pick up Frisbee game we never got to go to. I will think of you when it comes time to play and when it comes time to be an educator.