Jeremy Friedman remembers Amir

Jeremy Friedman shared the following at Chabad at Stanford’s memorial service for Amir, March 29, 2004.

I’m someone who should have known Amir a lot better- he grew up three blocks from my house – we went to the same high school. I could have gotten to know him better and I regret that…He was saying Kaddish for his father every morning…He was biking to minyan at 6:30am – for normal Stanford kids, 6am is literally the middle of the night. Amir was there very consistently – getting on his bike at 6am – from what I know about his own religious beliefs, he was doing this because this is what his father would have wanted; he was able to honor his father by getting on a bike at 6:30am – he wouldn’t accept my offers for rides! I think that shows a level of dedication to his father and other people.