Appreciation dawns in our hearts

This is a post Amir submitted last year to the Yahoo! Groups: NYC-Ultimate Message Board

From: Amir lopatin <amirlopatin@y…>
Date: Mon Apr 28, 2003 10:03 pm
Subject: manhattan vs brooklyn exhibition results

The manhattan vs brooklyn game was a big success with about 10 men and 1 women on each side battling it out for the pride of their borough. At first emotions ran high as these two implacable foes faced off in this historic match. A see-saw battle ensued as both sides refused to yield to their opponent from across the river. But as the game wore on and the sun slowly set over the hudson a grudging appreciation dawned in the hearts of everyone involved. Sure we may be from different boroughs but dont our similarities outweigh our differences? Soon it became clear who the real enemy was: The soccer players who kicked us off promptly at 7:30. Perhaps symbolically, the game ended in a tie 21-21.