Cape Cod

I only met Amir a couple of times through our friend Ben, and my story comes from when we were kids and Amir came out to Cape Cod to spend a week or so with Ben’s family. I have this memory because it was so very funny to me, and I hope that it can bring a smile to someone who reads it. If anyone knows the “The Cape” it was always a bit behind in technology and back in the early 80’s it was far far behind. Watching TV for instance meant spending a good amount of time fidgeting with the rabbit ears on black & white TV.

One day while playing a board game (most likely RISK, which now that I think about it, Amir introduced me to RISK) the TV was on in the background and some Tropicana commercial came on, the ad had a particular scene where they pictured an orange juice glass upside down for a moment. Amir happened to be walking by the TV at that same moment and apparently had had it with the poor reception he had been having. Well, he abruptly starting whaling on the TV cursing it to the extent only an adolescent can. Of course the commercial played on with the glass being turned right side up and Amir walked away pleased with his Fonzie-like fixing of the problem.

Again, I hope this brings a smile.