From: Phyllis Berkowitz

In march of 2004, shortly before amir’s tragic passing, he came for a friday night shabbos dinner to my home, with his mother. During the evening the animated conversation revolved around what he was doing at stanford. He was very excited about his various projects and the people he was working with. I mentioned that i had started a newsletter called THE FAMILY NEWS in 2003. I published this newsletter as a way of keeping my family, who were in california, israel, and new york connected with one another. I said that i e-mailed and sent a hard copy to everyone participating. Amir said, “why don’t you get a web site?” I said that i did not know how to do it and he said that he would help me. He said that he would call me after shabbos. As it happened i went out early and missed his call.

Not thinking that he remembered, the next morning i called him. But, true to his word, when i listened to my messages, there was his from saturday night, asking when he could come over to work on the web site. Within 5 minutes he was at my house. He set up a web site, got a domain name and downloaded my previous newsletters on to the site. He was extremely patient with me and very kind as i didn’t know some of the basic computer lingo that one with more computer savy would take for granted. He complimented me often and made me feel great. He said that i was a step above his mother(in my computer ability). He had that special twinkle in his beautiful blue eyes and had that way of looking at you shyly, that i will always remember. I, like everyone else he came into contact with during his time with us miss him. May his memory always be a blessing.