Women’s Pick up Games

Source: http://www.wudi.org/
Author: deb
Subject: RE: Strange Women’s Pick-up e-mail
Date: June 30, 2004

To answer your question about who organized this women’s game, it was Amir Lopatin. He was a dear friend of mine. Perhaps you knew him? 3 summers ago he organized the New York City Public Ultimate League, NYCPUL, which plays in central park. Not surprisingly, there was an imbalance of men to women in the league. We played 5-2 on a good day. Amir addressed the shortage of women in the league by sponsoring women’s pick up games. It was a huge success, and some of the women even joined the league. He did that 2 summers in a row. Last fall Amir moved to California to go to graduate school. Amir sent several emails even after he moved to California asking for a volunteer to replace himself in organizing the league. No one stepped up to run the league after his departure, not even me. On March 25, Amir was killed in a car accident.


After that, Brant Stevens volunteered to run NYCPUL.
I said I would continue the women’s pick up games that Amir had started.