Your birthday

I’m thinking of you lots on your birthday. It’s been a long five years without you.

My Deepest Gratitude

Over the past year, I have developed a powerful love of nature. It took hold days after you were gone.

Because of you Amir, I have a newfound reverence for nature, for people and the world, perspectives, hope, questions…

Because of you walking is magical. Meaning abounds everywhere I look. You enrich my days and have taught me how to live.


From: Tamar Prager
Amir was so special, so unique and so beautiful. Every time I spoke with him, I felt alive and excited. He was able to bring out a gentle spirit in me while unleashing an energy and enthusiasm. Speaking with Amir was speaking with someone whose curiosity was endless. He pushed you to think harder, to contemplate deeper and to be made more aware. I loved that about him.
We spoke about music, ourselves, our interests, literature, just being and experiencing. He always had me laughing…
There will never be an adequate goodbye for Amir. He was a person unlike any other. His amazing, beautiful ways will remain with me forever.